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Clinical Resources

Antibiotic Stewardship:

Roadmap to Success – Antibiotic Stewardship

Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship

Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship Checklist

Tracking Days of Antibiotic Therapy

Breast and Cervical Cancer:

National Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Partnership Toolkit

Action Guide to Increasing Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings


2018 Colorectal Cancer Screening Summer School

Process Mapping_questions to consider for colorectal cancer screening

Patient Navigation Model for Increasing Colonoscopy Quality and Completion


Medical Credentialing PowerPoint from HCAN

Diabetes Prevention/Care

Resource – 2018-ADA-Standards-of-Care


CDPP Referral Form

DPP Supply Order Form

MAP to Diabetes Prevention for your Practice

STAT notes slides


Template for PCMH Calendar

Wyoming Medicaid PCMH

Introduction to PCMH 2017

Self Assessment Tool for PCMH Standards

Presentation on Spreading and Sustaining PCMH

2017 PCMH Summit Materials

NCQA PCMH Record Review Workbook 7.18

NCQA PCMH Quality Measurement and Improvement Worksheet July 2018

PCMH Recognition: PCMH Scoring July 2018

PCMH Recognition: Glossary 7.2018

PCMH Recognition: Record Review Workbook Instructions

PCMH Recognition: Distinction in Behavioral Health Integration

PCMH Recognition: Distinction in eCQM Reporting

PCMH Recognition: Distinction in Patient Experience Reporting

PCMH Recognition: Front Matter and Policies and Procedures

PCMH Standards and Guidelines (2017 Edition, Version 3)

PCMH 2014 Corporate Credit Transition

PCMH 2014 Crosswalk

PCMH Accelerated Renewal Table

PCMH Suggested Plan

PCMH Suggested Plan Pediatrics

NCQA Getting Started Toolkit Web


PDSA Game – Paper Airplanes

PDSA Game – Mr. Potato Head

PDSA Game – Coin Spinning

Quality Improvement:

HRSA’s Quality Improvement Planning Learning Series

Substance Abuse:

CDC- Quality Improvement And Care Coordination


WDH CMS Resource Manual (Includes Telehealth Information)

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