Why get an Annual Wellness Visit?

To help you create or update a personalized prevention plan. This plan helps to prevent disease and disability  based on your unique health history and risk factors.

What happens at an Annual Wellness Visit? 


  • You and your family’s medical history will be reviewed
  • Routine measurements will be taken along with other physical screenings
  • All providers and prescriptions will be compiled into a list
  • At the end of your visit you receive a personalized prevention plan

How to get your Annual Wellness Visit for $0

  • You must have part B Medicare Health Coverage
  • The Part B deductible doesn’t apply when you see a medical provider that has an agreement with Medicare to accept assignment payments. You can use the button below to find a provider.
  • No additional screenings are taken outside of those included with Annual Wellness Visit. Be sure to ask your medical provider whether the services being offered are included in the Annual Wellness Visit and covered by Medicare.

This statewide education effort is a collaboration between the Wyoming Primary Care Association and the Wyoming Center on Aging. Please visit their website at: www.uwyo.edu/wycoa for more information on their program and the valuable resources they offer.

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